Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures 2017-18


Sr. No Name of the Guest Date Topic Occasion
1 Mr. Amit Jadhav 12th Jan 2018 Vyasan Mukti National Youth day, Birth Anniversary of Rajmata Jijau and Char Hutatma Din
2 Mr. Gulshan Memoria and Mr Samar  10th January 2018 Career Guidance  
3 Mr. Anthony Thomas 9th January 2018 How to Improve Spoken English Skills   
4 Mrs. Mrunaleeni More 6th January 2018 How to tackle the problems of Adolescents  
5 Mr. Juber Pathan 27th September 2017 Tourism  World Tourism Day
6 Major. Ajinath Bobade 15th August 2017 Contribution of a Soldier in the Progress of the Nation and the life of Soldiers Independence Day



As Ken Robinson said, “Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with same status.”


In 21st century education is totally depend on 4 ‘S’, Studies, Sports, Social activities and Stage. All round development can be achieved only through education. Education plays a fundamental role in the making of a student and his development as a culturally well developed social animal. To fulfill these objectives, there is a prime need of striking a balance between syllabus, curriculum, books, sports and most important Co-curricular activities.


Co- curricular activities are those which are undertaken side by side with the curricular activities. It gives students an opportunity to develop particular skills and there non-academic abilities. Some activities like music, drama, art etc assist students in more than one way. Other voluntary activities like Quiz competition, singing in group, extempore, elocution, etc assist students to use their own ideas and prove themselves.


In AARYA PUBLIC SCHOOL we organize different activities which help students to improve their skills. Activities like visit to Post office have helped students to understand how actually the P.O functions. Same with visit to Gram Panchyat or visiting Gram Sabha helped students to understand what are different problems of villages and how they are been solved. Visit to historical places have enabled students to understand how archeologist works and find out different historical solution.


Visit to Railway station or bus stand has enabled our students to understand the different means of transport as well there functions. It has also helped students to understand the value of cleanliness. Visit to farm has helped our students to understand the hard work of farmer and process of farming till the crops are available in market.


We have also organized various Social Awareness Campaign like “ Save trees save forest “. We explained how important tree is in our life and we should not cut it unnecessarily . We have also organized a rally to share importance of water. Save Water Save Life theme has enabled students to understand the value of water in our life. We have also organized rally of Pollution Awareness which have helped students to understand the ill effects of pollution. To create awareness about harmful disease we have organized “Aids Awareness Rally” on Aids Day.


We are also involving students to perform different skit or drama which gives actual knowledge of any particular subject to our students. Our students have performed a drama on life of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam which have helped students to understand hard work has no failure. Our students perform some activities which help them to understand how to rescue from Natural Disasters.


In our school we have organized different Co- Curricular activities which have enabled students to improve their physical as well as mental abilities.


We have organized Calligraphy competition to improve hand written skills of our students. We have organized Hindi poem recitation which have enabled students learn the poem and recite it in proper tone.


We have also organized Essay competition which helped to write paragraph using their own ideas. To improve the stage daring and vocabulary of students we have organized Elocution Competition. Extempore Competition has helped students to catch up ideas within a second and present it in front of jury. Singing songs in group has helped our students to perform song in group with various musical instruments and chorus sound.


We are also celebrating different days, birthdays of national leaders, scientists, sportsmen, celebs etc. Our students share some information about all personalities in front of assembly.


The rewards of Co-Curricular activities in school have been researched pretty well and it is now as certain that students who participate in these activities show higher academic results, stronger relationships in school and are more likely to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to this, students are motivated and it leads to a happier, healthier and more developed school.


Anup Panikar

Activity Incharge

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